History’s slow news day-Almanac of Absurdities Remix for 8.26.2012

Click here for the Audio Almanac. Kind of new, but not.

Well today brings one of the little problems of making the Almanac of Absurdities to the fore. It’s not that today is bereft of historical occurrences…it’s just that my research hasn’t turned up anything that fits into the snarky mold of this project. Examples: 1071 AD, the Seljuck Turks Win the Battle of Manzikurt over the Byzantine Army. Lets face it, You wouldn’t hang around for that one. And then there’s 1278 AD, on which Ladislaus IV of Hungary and Rudolph I of Germany defeated Premysl Ottokar II of Bohemia at the Battle of Marchfield. Nope. Michelangelo got the commission to sculpt the Pieta on this day in 1498. That sentence pretty much covers it. Tough to cover visual arts on radio. The Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia was first conquered on this day in 1778. Nah. The 19th amendment, giving Women the right to vote was finally passed on this day in 1920, and I’m not inclined to joke around about that, too important. And the Namibian war of independence started on this day in 1966 at the battle of Omuglugwombashe, a favorite location of radio announcers everywhere. I tried to do one on the birthday of Lee DeForest, one of the creators of the modern field of electronics, and if you can talk about triodes for a minute and a half and make it amusing, I’d like to hear your script. I’ve got a great story tomorrow. Historic. Check back.

Album Notes:  Grateful Acknowledgments to Mike Koenig, and Drum 8.  “Plain Loafer” Written and Performed by Kevin McLeod,  Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ and used here by permission, and with appreciation and thanks.  Some audio may be used under the Fair Use Doctrine

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Voice Artist, Writer, Journalist, even sometime actor. For 18 years the writer and voice for CNN's Hollywood Minute.
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