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Voice Artist, Writer, Journalist, even sometime actor. For 18 years the writer and voice for CNN's Hollywood Minute.

Hello, and Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year.  I’ve decided this website will stay up for now, but I have no target yet to resume. Hope all of my readers and friends are well and I wish them the best.  Make sure you make plans … Continue reading

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Nottingham Festival a Spectacular Success

The Nottingham Village Festival over the weekend of November 16 and 17 was a success beyond our expectations, both a financial success that bodes extremely well for the future of the festival, but also an artistic, and a performance success, … Continue reading

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Nottingham Festival! Finally!

The Nottingham Festival…a project I’ve been working on now for well over a year…is coming up to its first big event, the “Nottingham Village Festival” this weekend at Tapo Community Park (Also known as Lemon Park) in Simi Valley.  That’s … Continue reading

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The Almanac is on Hiatus. I’ll be back. History isn’t going away, despite what you hear.

I’ve got Northern California Renaissance  Faire coming up and I’m working to prepare for Nottingham Faire in November, and my work currently has me quite busy.  I’ve been slipping in even putting reruns up.  Rather than have you all think … Continue reading

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1930: Who Knows What Evil Lurks? Almanac of Absurdities Flashback for 7.31.2013

  On this date in 1930, the Street and Smith production company launched its new Radio show “Detective Story Hour”, based on their pulp magazine material. This show had a gimmick..a spooky narrator character. He’d come on every night and … Continue reading

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Once Again WordPress is acting weird, and on Mary Ellen’s Birthday, too…

Since, for some reason, I can’t get this site to put up what I want to put up, I’ll give you the link to last year’s.  This is getting very frustrating.

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1862-Southern Belle and Spy- Almanac of Absurdities Flashback for 7.29.2013

  Allow me to introduce you to Isabella Marie Boyd, better known as Belle Boyd, who, on this day in 1862, was arrested for spying for the South in the Civil War. She was 18 years old. Her town of … Continue reading

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1942-Stalin says “Not a Step Back!” Almanac of Absurdities Flashback 7.28.2013

  On this day in 1942, Joseph Stalin, acting as the People’s Commissar of Defense issued Order number 227…and it’s a fine example of Stalinist thinking. At this point the Soviet Union was hard pressed by German Invaders, and Order … Continue reading

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1930-Bugs’ Birthday- Almanac of Absurdities Flashback for 7.26.2013

The animators at Termite Terrace, the Animation Department at Warner Brothers Pictures had been making use of a rabbit character of no fixed description for a year or two in the late 30s. The so called “Happy Rabbit” character was … Continue reading

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James I and the Head of Joaquin Murietta-Almanac of Absurdities 7.25.2013

  On this date in 1603 James the Sixth of Scotland was crowned James the first of England, being the closest relative eligible to follow childless Elizabeth Tudor. This is the beginning of what we now call the United Kingdom, … Continue reading

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